5 May , 2017

Some Defensive Gun Uses with permitted concealed handguns over last month, a mass public shooting may have been stopped

Arlington, Texas, May 3, 2017

A concealed carry holder is being heralded as a “hero” by Arlington police for preventing mass murder by killing an “incoherent” gunman at a bar Wednesday evening.

Before he was shot about 6:15 p.m., the gunman killed the manager of Zona Caliente in the 6500 block of South Cooper Street, police spokesman Christopher Cook said.


10 Apr , 2017

Mike Bloomberg vows $25 million in 2018 to fight “concealed carry”

Michael Bloomberg continues pouring tons money into pushing gun control.  Last November he spent $28 million on his two initiatives in Nevada and Maine.  From 2013 to 2016, Bloomberg donated a total of $48 million to candidates running for federal office. The NRA contributed a measly $2.1 million.  Now Bloomberg is going to spend $25 million going after concealed carry laws.  …


5 Feb , 2017

UPDATED: Accidental shootings on K-12 and University property by permit holders

We know of six cases: one involving a teacher at an elementary school and the other four at colleges and universities around the country.  (The CPRC earlier report on the revocation rate data for college age permit holders is available here.)

Here is the case involving K-12 schools:

The Associated Press has this story from 2014:

Utah schoolteacher whose gun accidentally went off in an elementary school bathroom agreed Wednesday to pay a fine and take a firearm-safety class as part of a plea deal.

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27 Nov , 2016


US Military will allow personnel to carry firearms on military bases with approval

The picture above is from the 2015 shooting at the Chattanooga military recruiting office.  The gun-free zone sign is clearly visible on the front door.  In a series of articles, Dr. John Lott has repeatedly raised the concern that while military personnel were mandated to keep their weapons with them at all times when stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan, the were forbidden to keep their guns with them on US military bases (e.g., 2009, 2014a, 2014b, 2015a, 2015b).…


26 Nov , 2016


Democrats promise to filibuster and kill national reciprocity for concealed carry in the US Senate

The figure above shows the 32 states that honor a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit (resident).  Interested readers can look up where other state permits are honored here.

Since the November 8th election, there has been some hope that national reciprocity for concealed handgun permits would be similar to that for driver’s licenses.  …

14 May , 2016

Texas Permit Percent by State

Texas becomes the Third State with over a million Concealed Handgun Permit Holders, with 5.3% of adult population

Texas is now the third state that has more than a million active concealed handgun permit holders.  As of April 30th they had 1,017,618 permit holders, about 5.3% of the adult population.  The map above shows the percent of the population with concealed handgun permits and for five counties the percent of the adult population with permits.…

24 Apr , 2016

Hillary Clinton supporting bans on concealed carry

Hillary Clinton wants to restrict carrying concealed handguns, apparently she also wants to overturn Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions

Hillary Clinton has previously spoken out on restricting people being able to carry permitted concealed handguns on May 6, 2014:

“We’re way out of balance. I think that we’ve got to reign in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people. 

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19 Jan , 2016

USA Today banner

CPRC in USA Today on the delays in getting permits in Riverside, California

John Lott was interviewed by Brett Kelman about the 18-month delay to get a concealed handgun permit in Riverside, California.  From USA Today:

In the seven weeks since terrorists killed 14 people in San Bernardino, requests for concealed firearms permits have skyrocketed throughout the area, leading to crippling backlogs and massive delays at the public safety agencies that process applications.

18 Jan , 2016

Sheriff David Clarke

Police Chiefs and Sheriffs around the Country tell citizens to “Take advantage of your legal right to carry a firearm”

Sheriff David Clarke is a member of CPRC’s Board of Directors.

From Fox News:

One California police chief is backing teachers in his district packing heat. Detroit Police Chief James Craig has been a leader in urging his community to arm itself. A Maryland sheriff is working with the state’s general assembly to try to make it easier for citizens to obtain handgun permits.

19 Dec , 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at Saturday, December 19, 6.11 AM 1

More Americans view letting more people carrying concealed handguns as a better solution to terrorism than stricter gun control

There has been a sharp rise in concern over terrorism, with few Americans believing that the government can stop lone-wolf attacks (22-77 percent) and not many more can stop a large scale attack (43-56 percent).  A new Gallup poll shows that terrorism has become the number one issue on voters’ minds (16% rank terrorism as the number one issue, 13% say government, and 9% say the economy).…

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