10 Jan , 2017

CPRC’s Research on Policing Discussed in Walter William’s latest Column

Professor Walter William’s latest column talks about the debate over police killing suspects and he cites research by the CPRC in his newest national column distributed by Creators Syndicate and run in papers across the country.

A partial list of the papers that the article ran in include: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania), January 13, 2017; Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, Florida), January 10, 2017; The Daily Signal, January 11, 2017; Charleston Gazette-Mail (Charleston, South Carolina), January 11, 2017; Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida), January 10, 2017; Amarillo Globe-News (Amarillo, Texas), January 10, 2017; Nashua Telegraph (Nashua, New Hampshire), January 9, 2017; Spartanburg Herald Journal (Spartanburg, South Carolin), January 10, 2017;  Greensboro News & Record (Greensboro, South Carolina), January 11, 2017; Myrtle Beach Sun News (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina), January 12, 2016; Star Tribune (Casper, Wyoming), January 10, 2017; Burlington Times News (Burlington, Vermont), January 13, 2017; The Daily Commercial (Leesburg, Virginia), January 10, 2017; Oakland Press (Oakland County, Michigan), January 11, 2017; Greenville Daily Reflector (Greenville, South Carolina), January 11, 2017; Daily Progress (Waynesboro, Virginia), January 10, 2017; Tyler Morning Telegraph (Tyler, Texas), January 10, 2017; Gaston Gazette (Gaston County, North Carolina), January 10, 2017; Daily Tribune (Troy, Michigan), January 11, 2017; Clinton Herald (Clinton, Iowa), January 11, 2017; Townhall, January 11, 2017; Cybercast News Service, January 10, 2017.

9 Jan , 2017

Fort Lauderdale Airport Killer: Once again extensive interaction with mental health professionals failed to identify someone as a danger to others or himself

In a recent book, The War on Guns (Chapter 10), we showed that during the first seven years of the Obama administration 60 percent of the mass public shooters had been seeing mental health care professionals before their attacks (an earlier less complete report is available here).  Yet, in not one of those cases did the psychiatrists or psychologists who were seeing these killers identify them as a danger to themselves or others.…

8 Jan , 2017

CPRC on the Gina Loudon Show to discuss the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Attack

Dr. John Lott talked to Gina Loudon on her show America Trends about Ft. Lauderdale Airport Attack and the danger of gun-free zones.

(Jan 8, 2017)

7 Jan , 2017

CPRC at Real Clear Policy: “Chicago’s Bloody Mess”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece on Chicago disastrous policing policies at Real Clear Policy.  The piece starts this way:

Chicago is a bloody mess. Last year, Chicago had 762 homicides — more than New York and Los Angeles combined. This represents an astounding 57 percent increase from the 2015 murder rate.


7 Jan , 2017

Apparently at least one person in the baggage claim area at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport attack had a concealed handgun permit, though obviously they were banned from carrying there

While there might have been others, at least one person in the baggage claim area at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport attack had a concealed handgun permit.  Indeed, it is amazing that even this person is being reported.    From the Associated Press:

Florida is one of six states that restrict firearms at the airport, declaring it a “gun-free” zone, along with schools and government meetings.

7 Jan , 2017

CPRC on the One America News Network about racial discrimination problems caused by the gun background check system

The One America News Network, which is the fourth largest cable news network and has greater viewership than Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV, had an interview with Dr. John Lott about the problems with the gun background check system.

To many Americans, gun background checks may sound like a good idea, but some conservatives are raising new criticisms of them because they don’t always work as they are supposed to.

7 Jan , 2017

CPRC on the Dave Elswick Show to talk about the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Dr. John Lott talked to Dave Elswick on the giant 50,000 Watt KARN-FM about the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and the fact that the airport was yet another mass public shooting at another gun-free zone.

(January 6, 2016 from 4:06 to 4:21 PM)

6 Jan , 2017

CPRC in Investor’s Business Daily: “Gun Control Advocates Really Just Want To Ban Guns”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Investor’s Business Daily.  The piece starts this way:

Gun control advocates keep claiming that they don’t want to ban guns — they only want reasonable regulations.  But their actions keep saying otherwise.

  • Gun control advocates expressed “concern” after Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz bought each of his offensive linemen a very expensive personalized Beretta shotgun for Christmas this year. 

6 Jan , 2017

CPRC at the Daily Caller: “Another Gun-Free Zone, Another Mass Shooting”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at the Daily Caller on today’s shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Yet another shooting at yet another gun-free zone occurred today.  At this moment 5 people were murdered and another 8 injured. The tragedy today at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is all the more disappointing because just this last year legislators tried to change Florida’s ban on concealed carry at airports to avoid today’s type of event.

6 Jan , 2017

UPDATED: Shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport in yet another gun-free zone, 44 states allow concealed carry at airports

A shooting today at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has left at least 5 dead and 13 injured.  Not surprisingly, Florida is one of only 6 states with laws that banned carrying guns in the unsecured areas of airports.  A move was killed in 2016 to overturn this ban, and the reason for overturning it seems very applicable to today’s events.  …