16 May , 2014

So what caused crime rates to go up in 2012 in Chicago?: An extended discussion on the Dennis Miller Radio Show

The main event: Dennis was nice enough to have both the police officer and John Lott to discuss the issue of Chicago’s murder rates more fully on Friday, May 16th from 12:33 to 1:00 PM, audio here. The second half the interview was on the general issue of why more guns mean less crime.…

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16 May , 2014

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What percent of federal and state prisoners are there for drug offenses?

This data is available here (file fjs10f18.cvs).
The Federal prison population was about 17 percent of the state prison population in 2011 (Appendix Table 1). In state prisons was a much smaller percent of the population there for drug offenses (about 17 percent in 2011). Combining state and federal prison populations together places the total prison population incarcerated for drug offenses at 21 percent.


13 May , 2014

CPRC: “Another Round in the Death-Penalty Debate,” Correcting mistakes in the Washington Post

On Sunday in the Washington Post, Radley Balko attacked a recent piece that CPRC’s John Lott had on the death penalty. John Lott’s piece that responds to Balko starts this way:

The death-penalty debate goes on. After a piece that I wrote about the debate last week, National Review’s Charles C.


11 May , 2014

CPRC in the News


Clayton Cramer has a related article here: “Crime Prevention Research Center’s Fundraising Efforts“

8 May , 2014

CPRC on the Dennis Miller and Bill Martinez Radio Shows

Dennis Miller Radio Show (Wednesday, May 7th, 2:06 to 2:30 PM) — Great show largely on the problems with gun-free zones.

Dennis – “I tell you that no matter what side of the gun issue you are in this country you are on you need to read the book More Guns, Less Crime just for the information.

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8 May , 2014

CPRC at National Review: “The Shaky Case against the Death Penalty”

How far will death penalty opponents go to advance their cause? Our newest piece at National Review Online starts this way:

After the recent mishandled execution in Oklahoma, in which the murderer ended up dying from a heart attack, death-penalty opponents pounced.

Not surprisingly, the Sunday-morning talk shows focused on whether we should keep the death penalty.


7 May , 2014

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Is the death penalty racist? Are executions disproportionately affecting any particular race?

Data on homicide offenders by race from 1976 to 2005 is available here. After that the data is available from the annual FBI UCR reports.
The bottom line is that while whites account for less than half of murderers, they are almost two-thirds of those who are murdered.
If one looks at the rate of death penalty convictions by race, you will also see that whites are disproportionately likely to have death penalty convictions.…


7 May , 2014

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Are there any cases where DNA evidence proves that an innocent person was put to death?

The one modern case that death penalty opponents point to that comes closest to meeting this claim involves Claude Jones Texas, who was convicted in 1989 and executed in 2000. Two pieces of evidence were involved in his trial: the testimony of two accomplice who planned the robbery with Jones and who provided him with the gun used in the killing as well as a hair sample at the scene that turned out to be someone else’s.…

6 May , 2014

CPRC on Fox News to discuss Chicago’s policing policies and restrictions on poor people being able to defend themselves

Appearance: Saturday, April 26th, 9:33 to 9:37 PM. Here is a rough transcript.

Judge Jeanine: With me now, political commentator, author of seven books [actually eight] including More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott. Okay. More Guns, Less Crime. That is counter intuitive. What does that mean?

Lott: Just as you can deter criminals with higher arrest rates or conviction rates, the fact that victims can defend themselves can also deter criminals.

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5 May , 2014

Human Events and The Examiner note the importance of the CPRC’s crowd funding effort.

The link to the crowd funding page is available here.


The economist, who is the leading expert on gun violence statistics, told Guns & Patriots that gun control advocates produce faulty research to confuse the public and further their gun ban agenda.