14 Jan , 2017

CPRC in the Associated Press: “packing guns on statehouse grounds”

Despite us emphasizing the Associated Press reporter with how incredibly rare any problems were with carrying guns at legislatures and noting that not one had been harmed in those cases, the reporter focused the very rare, minor problems that have occurred.  The AP headline for the piece is “Gun-friendly statehouses see occasional reckless conduct.” Relying largely on our data on where guns are permitted on statehouse grounds, the reporter lists one accidental discharge and two cases where people have temporarily misplaced their guns.  …

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14 Jan , 2017

After this year, there will likely be 16 or 17 States that allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit: Constitutional Carry

With Missouri, West Virginia, and Idaho enacting Constitutional Carry laws last year, twelve states allow people to carry without a permit in all or virtually all their states.  This includes Montana that allows people to carry in about 99.4% of the state.    And 2017 is shaping up as a banner year for passing more of these laws.  …

13 Jan , 2017

CPRC on the Michael Dukes Show in Anchorage on the errors in a new Violence Policy Center report on firearm death rates and the Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Dr. John Lott talked to Michael Dukes on Anchorage’s 50,000 Watt KBYR about the Ft Lauderdale shooting as well as a new Violence Policy Center report claiming that Alaska ranks number one in the nation in terms of the rate of firearm deaths.

(Friday, January 13, 2017 from 10:25 to 11:00 AM)


13 Jan , 2017

Yet another case where a concealed handgun permit holder saved a police officer

These cases just don’t get national news coverage.  A concealed handgun permit holder saved a police officer who was being ambushed in Arizona at I-10 in Tonopah (January 12, 2017).  From the UK Daily Mail:

When he started to block lanes and put out flares, a suspect ambushed him, opening fire then physically attacking him.

13 Jan , 2017

CPRC in the Orange County Register: Should Facebook be depending on [California] PolitiFact to filter ‘reputable’ articles?

Dr. John Lott had an op-ed in the Orange County Register on California Politifact’s biases on the gun control issue.  The piece started this way:

. . . Take a couple of PolitiFact California’s two most recent evaluations concerning gun violence.

• “Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, more than seven children per day have died from gun violence” (California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, December 14th, 2016).


12 Jan , 2017

Motor Vehicle v. Firearm Deaths in 2015: So much for left wing predictions

Remember when The Economist magazine had the headline in January 2015: “A gun is now more likely to kill you than a car is.”  News organization after news made a claim similar to The Atlantic in early 2015: “Gun deaths are poised to surpass automobile deaths in the United States this year.”

The claim that total automobile deaths have fallen relative to firearm deaths can be seen in this figure, though it is also clear that the drop occurred during the recession of 2008 and 2009 (part of that drop is due in part to some reduction in driving).  …

12 Jan , 2017

CPRC in the News: Fox Business, Yahoo News!, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, Breitbart, The Blaze, and others

Fox Business, January 9, 2017; Yahoo News!, January 9, 2017; Yahoo Finance!, January 9, 2017

“Quite simply, the Ft. Lauderdale airport is a gun-free zone,” Pratt stated. “In fact, the Crime Prevention Research Center reports that ‘Florida is one of only six states that completely ban concealed carry at airports.’” .

12 Jan , 2017

CPRC on the Larry Elder Show to discuss the Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Dr. John Lott joined Larry Elder on his national radio show to discuss the Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting and its aftermath.  They also briefly talked about Thomas Sowell and his influence on Dr. Lott’s research.

(January 6, 2017 from 6:20 to 6:45 PM)

11 Jan , 2017

CPRC at National Review: “Psychiatrists Can’t Predict Mass Shootings — Meanwhile, Let the Public Defend Itself”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at National Review on the current debate that the shooting at the Ft Lauderdale Airport was due to a lack of resources for psychiatric services.  The piece starts this way:’

Pouring money into mental-health care won’t stop mass public shootings. Unfortunately, psychiatry is far from a perfect science.