25 Oct , 2016

New York Times Banner

CPRC in the New York Times: Commenting on “Report Highlights How Guns Flow Into New York From States With Weaker Laws”

The CPRC provided a little bit of balance in an article on the release of a new gun tracing report by the New York Attorney General.

. . . But John R. Lott Jr., the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center in Pennsylvania, disagreed. “That’s like finding out a lot of cars in New York come from another state,” he said.

25 Oct , 2016


Evaluating Bloomberg’s School of Public Health’s “Firearms on College Campuses”

This paper by the Bloomberg School of Public Health (copy available here) doesn’t even try to address the existing arguments that have been made on campus carry (henceforth it will be referred to as the Bloomberg Report).  Below is a very rough, very quick response to their claims.  For those interested, here is a video of recent testimony that I gave in Tennessee on the issue of allowing permitted concealed handguns on campus.…

23 Oct , 2016

The American Conservative Banner

The American Conservative discussing the “The War on Guns” in his essay “Does Gun Control Work?”

Robert Verbruggen, an editor at The American Conservative, writes:

. . . Today I’ll look at the issue, with a special focus on a new analysis the economist John R. Lott presents in his book The War on Guns. . . .

Enter Lott. In his book, he does spend some time going over the Missouri and Connecticut cases.

20 Oct , 2016

Fox News Opinion

CPRC at Fox News: “If Clinton wins, America, kiss your right to self-defense good-bye”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News:

In terms of individual rights, there has probably never been so much at stake in a presidential election. If Hillary Clinton wins, Americans will soon lose the right of self-defense in their own homes.

Wednesday night in Las Vegas moderator Chris Wallace quickly started off the debate by asking Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about the Second Amendment. 

20 Oct , 2016


CPRC at the Heritage Foundation: “The Right to Arms and the War on Guns”

Dr. John Lott joined CPRC Board of Director Sheriff David Clarke and George Mason University Law Professor Nelson Lund on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 to discuss “The Right to Arms and the War on Guns.”  Here is Dr. Lott’s talk.

For the entire conference see below. Lott’s talk starts at 19 minutes into the video.…

19 Oct , 2016


CPRC corrects CDC coding error, reducing the official number of accidental gun deaths in the US by 100

Rather than the number of accidental gun deaths in Tennessee increasing from 19 in 2013 to 105 in 2014, the actual number had actually declined to 5.  The total number of accidental deaths last year is thus 486, not 586.  While the CDC has acknowledged their mistake, they have yet to correct the numbers reported on their website.  …

19 Oct , 2016


CPRC on Bill Martinez to discuss Hillary Clinton’s proposals on gun control

Dr. John Lott talked to Bill Martinez about Hillary Clinton’s proposals on gun control as well as Citizens United.

(October 12, 2016, 10:06 to 10:30 AM)

17 Oct , 2016


CPRC on Financial Myth Busting on the current debate over gun laws

Dr. John Lott talked to Dawn Bennett on her national radio show to discuss the current debate over gun control and his new book, The War on Guns.

(Sunday, October 2, 2016 from 11:05 to 11:20 AM)

16 Oct , 2016


CPRC in Maine’s Sun Journal on Michael Bloomberg’s gun control initiative on their ballot

Dr. John Lott has a oped in Maine’s Sun Journal about the Michael Bloomberg gun control initiative being pushed there.

Let’s say a stalker is threatening a female friend of yours. She asks you if she can borrow your handgun. She is trained and has no criminal record. Should you loan her your gun?